atleast it makes u open for other genres, and then u will be interested in it (hopefully) and learn new techniques etc. so yes
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Well... I AM a virgin, afterall...
yeah, i started accidently putting latin and jazz feels into my rock solos and it sounded pretty awesome
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Somewhat. If you're a writer, it adds more diversity to your music. A LOT of rock/metal musicians have classical, jazz, and blues influences.
Kinda, it gives a better perception of the music.
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does listening to more music or a larger variety of music make you a better musician?

It can only help.
in and of itself no. but using different musical ideas can definately help make you a better musician
If you listen to a wide variety of music, you'll begin to pick out certain aspects of those genres that you like. You'll be able to add these to your own musical style and work them in to your playing.