Would a joint honours give me enough experience to work in either field that I do the degree in, e.g. Archaeology with biology, do you think it would give me enough of an understanding in biology to teach the subject?
is joint honours the same as dual honours? I'm not sure, but I'm doing a dual honours degree in two subjects, and i should come out of uni with two degrees at once apparently
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I think it's the same
aaah that's actually awesome
I'll ask my tutors though
I think the only way to gain experience is actually doing.
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Ha ha ha ....I jst would like to share u dis....In the Phil. anything is possible...I was ask to teach Gen.Sci,Bio,& Soc.Studies....though Im a major in Industrial Tech....so I did.....I even ask for Math(Kidding).....worst ...isnt it?
....so little time.
joint and dual honors are different things i think, you have to pay attention to how they are worded e.g media studies with german would be one degree and media studies and german would be 2 degrees

hmm it might be the other way round, so im not the most reliable source but the point is there is definatly a difference.

and i think that it would definatly be down to experience and what you do after uni. for example i really want to do marketing but im doing a business studies course because theres a lot more opportunities to get employed in other areas and then switch internaly
Short answer is yes but there is a but.

thing with the joint honours (dual degree where i come from) is that they are gnerally used for people interested in going into a specific job they already have ready for them when they finish or for teachers looking to expand their teaching scope. this means that if you finish this course you may find that you havn't completed the nessessary courses to the 3rd or even 4th level so you won't be employed because you don't have that technical expertise.

Its all very complicated but i would recomend not doing it unless you have 2 jobs in mind, neither of which require full bachelors or masters in certain areas. Or you really don't know what you want, you just want to have a lot of options open when you come out of Uni. Either way you wont find as good a paying job as you would getting a single bachelor or masters
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