Hello! I have been wondering lately what exactly is the differences between set thru and neck thru construction?
wll set neck is like bolt but instead if having a bolt its glued... neck trhu however... the neck goes from the headstock to the end of the guitars. and this supposly achievs more sustain
Neck thru has the neck wood running all through the center of the body, with
"wings" glued onto the side. this has the most sustain of any neck type, because it has the bridge and the nut vibrating on the same piece of wood.
Set-thru is a type of neck, but it is rarely used. When most companies say "set thru", they mean "Set-in", which has the neck glued onto the body.
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Both will give you good sustain. I have an rg thats bolt on... and rg thats neck thru.. and an SZ thats set neck. i can't tell any difference in the set neck and neck thru they both got kller sustain and just feel better. Go neck thru if you have the choice.
A neck thru will have more sustain but it loses a lot of low end. A proper bolt on neck is my favorite because there is nothing in between the two pieces of wood (increasing sustain) and no low end is lost. A set neck has glue in between the neck and body, causing it to lose sustain. However most bolt on necks have paint in between the neck and body which means that most of the time a set neck is going to be best.