I uploaded two new songs to my Sound-click (link in sig)....Rivers and Midnight.....Rivers I recorded way back in the summer during a rain storm. Just always liked it. This is the inner John Frusciante coming out.

I went to play guitar tonight and just decided to turn off the lights in my music room. It was pitch black, expect for my amps ON switch. I turned on a few pedals (they all have blue LEDs). Such a good atmosphere. So I started playing, just some light overdrive and a tube amp. Was getting some great vibes, so I had to record.

I know none are technically anything special but they are just cool....they have good atmosphere. Comments and such welcome...

Cool man I have some similar recordings on my profile page if you wanna check them out, Falling and Untitled in particular.

Rivers- Nice sound from the reverse guitar, I like it. It would sound good over a simple backing track I think. Quite well composed at the end. I like it, not technical or a masterpiece like you said but I know it's probably you expressing yourself and I like that

Midnight - Good tone, very full and rich. Played emotionally rather than with total precision, I like that (that's a compliment by the way ). Nice strumming pattern and chords, really relaxing, something I'd like to listen to. I can tell this is an emotional piece, I've done the same as you loads of time, just sitting in my room in the dark playing like this, I can see you Frusciante influence, like me. I didn't find it boring, I like the way it just flowed and was really emotional. 10/10 from me, I like that kind of stuff

Like I said I think you might like my song Untitled #1 so please check it out

Rivers- really nice backwards effect, but like wiggy said, it would sound even better if you had a nice backign track to go along with it. It flows nicely from the beginning to the end. I like it.

Midnight- I really really like this man, sounds amazing. Everything just fits and sounds good together, the chords your playing are nice, your not hammering them there nice subtle efficient picks at the chords. A backing track wouldnt be bad to have here too, not something with a lot going on though, just a basic beat.

Very Frusciante inspired i can tell with both of these pieces.

Keep it up.

reach in the darkness for what you can find travel great distance in your mind.