Hey y'all.

I'm taking metals this semester at school, so a bunch of tools are available to me, and I have this crazy idea.

What if you made an acoustic guitar out of sheet metal?

I mean, it would be sturdy, it would resonate just as well if not better, and it would give a totally original sound, almost like a metally banjo, I would assume.

Is it worth giving it a shot?
It would sound completely unlike a wooden acoustic guitar, and it'd be hard to construct a neck, but it's entirely possible...
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just make the body out of metal and get a bolt on wooden neck from an electric guitar. That might make construction a little easier.

Sounds like a cool idea. I want to hear it if you end up building it. Post mp3's
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I don't remember where I heard this but doesn't metal absorb sound waves?
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It might sound interesting, depending on what type and thickness of metal you are using. If you make it out of instrument brass, then maybe it will turn out dobroesque sans the resonator.

Anyways if it doesn't play good it would be an awesome piece to hang on the wall.
god u should so do that. it would like awesome and probably sound totally unique
from what i understand about guitars (which isnt much) then it might not have much sustain because it can vibrate as much (if i have this completely wrong do call me on it)
either way good luck
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Research Trussart guitars, you could build one like that, might be better then an aucoustic to start with.

Hows the Parker build going?

Cool site, but I'm leaning more towards acoustic. I love how those look though...

I think I may just buy a neck for it. I would build one, but the fretting process is pretty much the only thing keeping me from starting another guitar... I just hate doing it.

And I actually finished the Parker... I just haven't gotten around to updating the thread yet...

I'll go do that now.
maybe do one of those funky-fresh lookin' designs they have on resenators
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