This is more of a personal piece. Sorry if it doesnt meet your expectations.

I exhaled.
The eyes of the audience followed my every move.
My breath drifted away.
The rope burned my wrists.
Every cent paid for this circus act is a waste.
The ice is still cracking, and the sound is shattering.
Inhaling, the mass moved with me.
They came to share the spectacle.

"We are one."

The ice is breaking, and there is nothing I can do.
My mouth is gagged; my hands are bound.
My pleas for safety are silent.
This is not my choice.
The moment the ice breaks, there is a single gasp.
As I fall, the show is over.

The curtain is drawn.

Everyone files out silently, heads hung, moving on with their lives.
Forgetting anything ever happened.
Circus acts are just for fun.

"If you fall, I will save you"

"Best Friends For Life."
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Hey can I use this for my band?

I'm sorry if I am breaking any rules for this.

Thanks anyway
Yeah I forget things I do at performances often after I finish....It just disappears when I'm having fun I guess.