I have a question concerning noise gate/supressor pedals. I was wondering, if I run one through the fx loop on my amp, would it reduce or remove the 50hz hum from single coil pick ups and hiss from the high gain channel? My amp is a Marshall 6101LM & I run my pedals straight in the front, leaving the fx loop unused. The high gain hiss is not bad, it gets worse the higher the volume & is certainly not excessive, it just pisses me off! If I'm expecting too much or just completely wrong, just say, otherwise some recommendations would be welcome
Yup, should do
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Can anyone recommend a good noise gate? Budge would be about £100 max, but if a good one is cheaper than that, all the better
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Search for it on Youtube, there's a demo of a guy holding up some radioactive crap next to his amp and the HDB cuts out all the noise
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decimator. it should cut single coil hum whether in the loop or in front.

might be worth waiting for the new g-string, though that's liable to be more than £100 (it lets you put it in both the loop and in front at the same time).

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+1 for the Decimator. Waiting for mine in the mail.
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