My name is Greg Dunham, 14 years old, I play guitar, bass, and sing. i am looking for a band around northern WI. i live in Bayfield county near ashland county. i can probably find some mode of transportation if its not too far.

My musical influences are mostly hardcore and metal/rock. I like stuff like Eighteen Visions and Bleeding Through. I am staright edge, i dont drink, do drugs, etc... i dont believe in violence and i love to play guitars, as well as sing. but im better doing one or the other. i can write lyrics and songs in tabs, if i really wanted to, in sheet music as well.

My Styles:

Vocals: I can sing/scream/growl really well but i do need practice. i sing mostly harder rock or hardcore music. I have a vocal style mainly influenced by Keith Barney (Throwdown/Never Enough/xRAINx), and James Hart (Eighteen Visions/Solo), as Well as Charlie Simpson (Fightstar).

Guitar: I prefer Drop B Tuning with lots of changing chords and palm muted chords. Hardcore to rock. i like small solos with hammer-ons. i like to play twin lead guitars.

Bass: I like very changing basslines. Hardcore, Drop B, and palm muted chords again. I am influenced by MickDeth's (Eighteen Visions/XclearX{as guitar}) Bass style the most as well as others.

I, unfortunately Do not own a bass guitar but use them at lots of friends houses. i am looking to actually play with people and not for an online band. i would prefer being playing co-lead guitar or rhythm w/ singing, or just plain singing. i prefer hardcore and scream/growling.

Private Message me if you are in the area and can play with me. i can't play drums very well and would like to find a five-piece line-up if possible

PM if interested.

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