okay boys let's see here, i'm looking to save up for a long time, maybe like 2 years for one of these, which one:
jcm 2000 dsl, 50 or 100
jvm 205h, basically a a50 or 100 watt jvm

i'm willing to buy used, i know you can find the jcm for 600 used, which is good
keep in mind i'm paying for this with like nothing but my money too lol
so which one
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since your only choosing out of two fairly common amps and are planning on saving for a long time, your best bet is to try them out personally. You own experience is as good as 100 other people telling you what to do.
if you're saving for that long i guarentee that you'll change your mind before you're finished saving so its better off to wait to decide
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yeah by the time you have the money your skills might have improves and you will want something better, or maybe your musical taste will change and you would want an amp to bettersuit your needs
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The JCM's are more vintage voiced while the JVM's are more a modern high (er) gain version.
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