in my dreams is probably my favourite just now!

george lynch is one of my favourite guitarists
Top lel.
– Breaking The Chains
– Nightrider
– Paris Is Burning (live version)

I have their first 4 albums, but easily my favourite is their debut. Love it to death!

Solo-wise, my favourites are the Paris Is Burning opening solo (very Eruption-like!), Without Warning (the instrumental), and the Tooth And Nail solo (crazy, scary-sounding tapping).

George Lynch r00lz y0.
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yeah george lynch owns.

i love Dream Warriors, In My Dreams, Breaking the Chains, and Alone Again. actually, ... all dokken owns.
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Sorry for the double post, but JUst got lucky, the end lick, it's just too good.
Wat about Into The Fire?
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