I've had this pickup for around around 20 years and I don't know anything about it. A guy who made a crap guitar for me slapped it in the neck position and I didn't care much about it for a while because I played metal mostly and used the bridge pickup all the time. But later on I discovered that this thing sounded really sweet, just really funky and clean. It could almost get like a Hendrix-y sound with some distortion. Whatever it is I'm keeping it because it sounds better than any neck pickup I've had yet. Btw - it looks like an EMG with the all plastic cover, but it's not active. I'd say it's definitely lower output than the JB. Oh and yeah it's got some purple spray pain on it hehehe

I unscrewed it and this is the first time I've seen the back of this thing. Definitely weird.

I'm thinking maybe there'd be some identifying marks or something. No. Not a thing except plastic and a felt-like but I think synthetic type substance:

I've searched around a bit online and came up empty (and yeah I read all about Bill Lawrence). If no one knows anything about it, maybe someone can point me in the direction of a forum where they might have some idea?