It's a calm little piece I recorded last night in my small apartment. Due to noise restrictions, I wasn't able to mic my amplifier, so I had to plug directly into the mixer. I still think it turned out nicely. All the backing music was written beforehand, but the lead work is all improvisation. Hope you enjoy it! It's entitled "Peace of Mind" in my UG profile.

Crit 4 Crit, mates.

Really nice ambient piece. Really like the chord progression, and the melody at 1.55 is really nice. Only criticism is that I wouldn't try and use pinch harmonics on clean (artificial instead?). Other than that, really nice tone.
I love the atmosphere on this one. The rhythm guitar is very good; smooth tone and nice chord progression. I'd pay more attention to lead guitar though. More long sustained notes with nice vibrato and rests between phrases. Also, I feel that you didn't quite exploit the harmonic possibilities that the chord progression provided. So, in your future recordings pay more attention to the phrasing. Keep it up!

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