TO THE ADMIN GUYS ON THE FORUM. I would like to tell you about www.recording-microphones.co.uk which I started last year as a free resource to anyone interested in recording music. It is based on the everyday experiences of two pro sound engineers from the UK with over 40 years experience between them. The MICROPHONES page has reviews of many of the mics we use on a daily basis in the studio and out on location with the mobile. There is a SESSIONS page where you can download all the tracks from recent sessions and mix them yourself in Cubase and finally there is also a RECORDING TIPS page where I intend to cover all the basics on how studio engineers tackle various instruments. The first one is RECORDING ACOUSTIC GUITAR and it takes you through the session in a series of video clips with John Spence who has made hundreds of albums here in the UK with such artists as the Happy Mondays and the legendary guitarist Bill Nelson.
The site isn’t selling anything or linked to any retailer or manufacturer and is free to anyone. I know people are sensitive to spamming and if you are unhappy with this post please remove it but I hope you will accept it in the spirit it was meant and enjoy.
Thanks John

If you want to ask an admin to set up an advert for you, PM them or e-mail:

advertising @ ultimate-guitar.com .
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pretty good site but yeh...im pretty sure your not supposed to advertise like that.
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alright, off topic but how do i make forum posts

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Well , I don't think you are, but this could be a useful resource for people on this forum , don't just start pouncing on him.

Just stick the link in your sig or something though, if you want to let people know.
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He's not selling anything or gaining financially from this in any significant way that I can see. I say it's OK. You know, for what it's worth.... not like I'm a mod or anything.

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