anyone know if it is possible to redo the inlays on my strat? if so, dont worry about explaining how to do it, i'll save people the trouble of typing and research it myself, im just curious as to if it is possible or not. id like to replace my dot inlays for shark fin ones if anyone is interested
it isnt theortically but u can get them implanted but it takes ages and one mistake means uve ruined the fret board
nope you have to get one made or you can oreder the neck with it
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The general rest of this thread seems to know it right.
It's definitely possible, but it's extremely hard.
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If you want to get it done, I would take it to someone that specializes in inlaying, but I wouldn't try it yourself.
I'd imagine it similar to defretting a guitar, but much more delicate. Try getting a new custom neck if you're guitar's a bolt on neck. Otherwise, you probably shouldn't try it yourself, unless it's a really cheap hunk of wood.
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well, if its a strat, then you can order a dot set from stewmac or something, and drill out your old dots. thats not too hard, just be real steady, dont go too deep, and make sure your drill bit is thge correct size of the new dot, and are completely centered on the old ones. then you are oing to need to sand them flush, then probably re-radius your fingerboard, which would require you to have to refret your guitar.
thanks everyone. i saw a video of a guy doing it on youtube and it got me thinking...but itd probably just be better to get a custom neck at some point
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you can, the only restriction is your new inlays must cover up the old

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It can be done. This guitar had to have the wood replaced in sections because PRS decided to move the dots at the 12th to stop people adding birds
If you get a pro to do it, you'll be up for a refret as well. Expensive.

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