I play in a post-hardcore/pop punk band, taking back sunday/four year strong.

i do mostly rhythm stuff, but a couple of lead bits

so i need a guitar what sounds good clean and with distortion.

i was thinking a fender 69 thinline tele, or a fender jazzmaster

also not really in to the metal looking guitar, if you know what i mean.

i currently own a epiphone g300 cream sg, a white metal looking guitar (no model/make on it), bc rich mocking bird - 40 lashes (dont play it anymore)

so any thoughts on what guitar i should invest in next?
I dont play much of that but I always thought a tele looks so darn cool in a punk band and there is a lot of them, you could probably find one with a humbucker in the bridge so you can have a great clean with the neck PU and distortion with bridge
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