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I'm gonna try to skip the rest 1 1/2 year of school, so I can play guitar much longer. Then, when I "grow up", I'm gonna be a guitarist.

Can you help me how to skip school without getting caught by police, or without that the school informs my parents, and other ****.

Maybe Icould pretend to switch school, so they think you go in another school when I'm home. Though I dont know what to tell my teachers and other guys in school, if I was to switch school. I guess you have to sign on a lot of papers or something, and I dont know how to do that withou my parents knowlendge.

Go to school
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Go to school, take band, it should enhance your knowledge of music a bit at least. Depending upon the program available at your school.

Edit: ****, he's not being serious either. Kill 'em all!
Why miss out on a education where you could get a good job? Where as growing up to be a professional musician doesn't have good odds unless you're are really really good.
dont skill a year and a half of school, you will be a ****ing idiot. I think you can just drop out of school legally when your 16 though.

^ you don't actually have to be a good musician now a days, you just need to be good looking and write songs about how you feel. Its lame.
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Boy, you're a hardass. Why don't you just drop out if you're so intent?
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Are you a 4th grader?

It seems he has the mentality of one.
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when I "grow up", I'm gonna be a guitarist.

no your not

think how many people play their asses off, and dont become 'a guitarist' dont bother, just work hard at school, get a good job, then youll have loads of free time to play fricken guitar, and youll look back at this and facepalm

what are you 13...

EDIT: i think he's 14, or 15

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Don't skip school you idiot. If you only have 1 1/2 years left, just do it! You'll be done in no time.
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Stay in school, get an education, then see how it goes. If being a guitarist doesn't work out you'll still be able to get a job.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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You can't skip that much school and not get caught.

But the way my school is, you can still skip a bunch of days and not get in trouble. Just skip a day a week or something.
It's a process, not an event.
'Can you help me how to skip school without getting caught by police, or without that the school informs my parents, and other ****.'

How are you going to stay at home all day for 1 1/2 years without your parents noticing.....
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You know nothing about the music industry if you think you have a comforting enough chance of quitting school and making money entirely off of musicianship.
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Plus, you're only what? 14? Yeah, you're really gonna hit the big time at 14.

do i detect a hint of sarcasm ? :p
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do i detect a hint of sarcasm ? :p

Ever so slightly. But honestly, when was the last time you heard someone that young making enough money to support himself for the rest of his life, simply for playing an instrument?
No matter how good you are, there chances of suceeding as a professional musican are still quite low. You here of one or two top guitarists who bunked off school and made it. There will be hundred who did the same, and are just as good, who didn't.

If you get good grades at school when you leave, you can do anything you want. Maybe that will be taking a year or two out to try and make it as a musician, but you can fall back on good grades for a late university entry so you can get a job other than McDonalds if you don't make it as a musician.
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if you think i was seriously asking that question then you're really dumb

wtf, man. Finish school, THEN practice the hell out of guitar. it seems that professional guitarists' lives are filled with years of instability. with the large chance of you not making it as a professional guitarist (not knocking your skill, but i am questioning your luck), you'll at least have some sort of education to fall back on. but do whatever you want, i guess.

or is this TS's attempt at an elaborate and successful troll?
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simply take your guitar to school

+1 thats what some retard did at my school, teacher took his guitar, some expensive classical yamaha ****, what a queer
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Im serious. "Why don't you just drop out if you're so intent?" Then school will call me parents and they will force me to go there.

Thanks for all the good tips. Well, at least one good "He played guitar all night, and slept at school. You could do that." Thanks.
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Ever so slightly. But honestly, when was the last time you heard someone that young making enough money to support himself for the rest of his life, simply for playing an instrument?

if you ask me he could be playing guitar in front of a crowd when he grows up....
if you call pedestrians a crowd
Blatent Troll.
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If your that freakin retarded then you should probably just stay in school.

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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

If you sat around playing guitar with no social contact all day you'd turn into Yngwie Malmsteen!

Do you want to be Yngwie Malmsteen? Not even Yngwie Malmsteen wants to be Yngwie Malmsteen!
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