Im looking for a good, simple, easy to use, cheap, multieffects pedal..

everyone i know has digitech, but i want to be original, so i would like to know if this pedal is worth buying...and also, pls tell me whats is the store where ill find it the cheaper
I got mine at my local music store for like 80 bucks. It's really worth it. I was surprised at the tones you can get out of this thing if you really tweak it. It does metal pretty decently, but I play more along the lines of classic rock, like Hendrix, Zeppelin, SRV, it does good blues and a nice crunch distortion and fuzz. Decent for metal. I would get something else if you're playing something with heavy distortion. And the wah wah on it is okay, a pedal would do A LOT better though.

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im gonna buy it at sam ash for 60 bucks, i saw the UG review, and it looked great, and free shipping, ill buy it someday this week online