Whats up dudes. Ive been ULTRA BUSY the last couple months cause i started working
Well i recently bought a Cry Baby Wah pedal, and i love it so i decided to record something with it, and the first thing that came to mind was GNR - YOU COULD BE MINE, i was going to record this without a Wah before, but it wasnt the same, now i think i overused the wah...but i dont care!! Kirk Hammet here i come!!

Tell me what you think

nicely done, maybe you went a bit mad with the wah but who cares, only gripe is that some parts distorted. good job anyway
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you got some major guitar skill keep it up....if your willing go listen to my bob dylan cover poisitively 4th street and tell me what you think
very cool, lots of wah there lol. but it was really good, very heavy. why don't you check out my cover of don't cry on my profile page. that would be cool thanks.

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