i gotta admit, i'm not very happy with this one at all.
i hate the solo and the vocals
but there's something i really like about this song
don't ask me what, cause i dunno XD

i recorded it a couple times before this
all different
and i deleted those promptly
i guess this is the best version of it
maybe not the truest, but it's still a very personal song

i think the music is a product of listening to entirely too much nick drake
i hella stole a couple chords from "river man"

ok..well i really licked the general feel of the song and the guitar...however i must agree with you i wasnt a real fan of the vocals...i cant really describe it they just didint seem very...clear?...i dont know if thats the right word but yea..they didint really do it for me...in terms of the solo i actualyl really liked it i mean theres a few fixes you could make but overall i thought it was good
have to agree with the guy above me, really good feel, I also liked Dont think twice on your myspace. However, the vocals do noeed some work, maybe try a little more variety in them, try going up a few time instead of resolving to a lower note(If that makes any sense?). IF you could listen to any of mine on my profile, that be great of ya.
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