I've been looking to sell off my pedals and just get a multi effects processor. I was looking at the boss gt-8 mostly because it seems to have everything! heres the video(this guy sounds nerdy at first but hes amazing)


does anyone here have one of these? if so is it worth the $445?

any helpful feedback is appreciated.
Yeah its a pretty sweet multi FX. The effects alone make it worth getting. It has every effect plus more. The only thing is that you really have to put in time to experiment with it and get a good sound from it.

I'm selling one if you're interested there is a link in my sig.
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Heres the deal: i have a b-day in april (comin up) but i'm (probably) getting a new amp and xbox 360. so I'm waiting for a new amp with good distortion and then I'll sell my pedals to get some money. that'll rack up only about $130 so I've got a little ways to go...
i wish i would have got an amp and an xbox360 for my birthdays, id be lucky if i ever got £10 in a card
what pedals do you have just now? most of the stuff on the gt8 you will never use, i sold mines a few months ago to buy a few single pedals and im more happy now
^well thats what I think I'm getting I only want 2 things so I think my parents can muster up the money. as for pedals I have 2 different distortion pedals: boss metalzone and a digitech grunge.(not at the same time)

both of those are necessary because I'm working with a marshal mg... so I need all the distortion help I can get. grunge gets edgy stuff and the boss makes good plain old distortion.
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The GT-8 is absolutely amazing as far as what you can do with it. I've gotten some VERY good analog sounds out of it. If you spend the time tweaking, only people who have REALLY good ears for tone will be able to tell the difference. And even then, it's subtle.

If you want some sound clips of what the GT-8 can do, give me a sound you want and a song and I'll see what I can do as far as recording it for you.
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the gt-8 is a fun toy to mess with... I used to have one of the older ones.. gt-6 i think? like 5 or 6 years ago. I ended up never using it so I sold it though. Because I just put my amp on the lead channel and that was pretty much it. I never like the way distortion pedals sound.