The songs are half assed and sarcastic.

I know i'm not a band. That's all

No constructive criticism as I won't take your advice. In return, you can shout insults, say profanity.

all the songs are in order of world events


All of these are done by me. The whole thing was done under 5 hours.

It's a sacrastic project, and you'll get the joke by reading the titles.

The fictional band is called ' The Americans', and i'm ' Kamistan of the Americans'

The Album is called ' everyone else is collateral damage'

The songs go

1. Innocence before 9/11

2. 9.11. Who would do such a thing?

3. (holding the phone) General, it's Osama

4. Unusually short. ' RECRUITING TROOPS'

It's a reference to people who wanted to go front line in the war, a reference to when people labeled 'french fries' 'freedom fries' etc. It's the heroic feeling.

5. ' GOING TO IRAK" Reference to cruise missle strikes on March.

The alien sound represents Americans.

edit- please note that this isn't hard to make, what's hard is getting the equipment and setting it up.