Anyone know if this is a good deal/head?

I was thinking of replacing my SVT3-Pro with it, if it's a better head.

I've heard that Carvins are more modern sounding, and I'm kind of leaning towards that as opposed to my Ampeg tone.. of course I'll go try it out but I'm just wondering if it's comparable to an SVT3-Pro
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It looks like a pretty good deal if it's in good condition.

That's the same amp just double the wattage for your information.

I'm not too sure on what the SVT-3 PRO is like at all, but personally I'd take this Carvin over any Ampeg any day. Just a warning though: this is not going to be an Ampeg or anything even remotely close. This is a true solid state amp, which means that it has no defining character that haunts you in every tone you make. The tone you shape is the tone you get.

What do you have cab-wise?
I've got a Yorkville YBX1510. It's basically a 2x10 and a 1x15 in a single enclosure.

I'm aware of the Carvin's transparent nature. Is it anything like a Peavey's sterility? Cuz I've played through an Peavey Firebass before, and anything I did to the tone knobs failed to change the tone from a bland, empty, sterile tone.
I'm not sure. I only tried out a Carvin once a while ago. Factory directness doesn't make many used products. All I can say, is I know that Peavey sterility you're talking about, and I don't recall the one I tried to have that, and I've never heard anyone attest to Carvins being sterile (whereas I've heard several complaints of the Peaveys).