I cannot get these sweat stains off the bridge and volume/tone knobs. Ive tried absolutely everything. And I hate when people suggest i'm not rubbing it hard enough to get it off! I will bloody take pics or a vid to prove it soon! any ideas what the prob is? AND DONT SUGGEST I SHOULD TRY RUBBING AT IT HARDER! GRRR
Try rubbing harder

/pit responce
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Duct tape? But seriously does it matter that much that the bridge and knobs are a bit sweat stained? Doesn't affect the sound does it?
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Yeah I'd try rubbing it harder... just kidding!! Try washing up liquid (not too much!) as it breaks down oils, other than that, just go through every cleaner (that doesn't dissolve plastic) until its gone. Are you sure its a sweat stain?
buy some dunlop guitar cleaning oil or something similar at your local music shop, and then follow the instructions.