i have learned 1 pentatonic scale and 1 blues scale and practice them everyday all day. is the any other pentatonic scales that i can practice? and whats the best way to practice alternate picking?
My personal favorite way to practice alternate picking is hold a D chord:


Then pick every other string, alternating between up picking and down picking (for this diagram, I'll use ^ for up picking and v for down picking.

v ^ v ^ v ^ v

Play that over and over, start slowly, then work your way faster. Once you get that down, try changing chords while doing it.

EDIT: Damn, picking direction didn't match up. Oh well, you get the idea.
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well, a pentatonis scale is always a pentatonic scale, there arent really "others to learn" as much as other ways to play what you already know.
you should buy a book, like fretboard logic 2, it explains in great detail how it works. every different way to play any scale,(there are 5), are shown on fretboard diagrams connected, and they are all based on open chord shapes c,a,g,e,d. its kind of confusing at first, but they all connect down the fretboard in one key on one scale.
so youre probably playing the first box shape everyone learns. if you move up a couple frets from where you are, there is another totally different pattern to play that makes the same scale you played previous, just with the notes in a different arrangement. and beyond that is yet another way to play it. if that makes sense.
oh the splendor of learning guitar....good luck man!