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Fender Nocaster
2 22%
Seymour Duncan Antiquity
7 78%
Other (Specify)
0 0%
Voters: 9.
Hi guys! I need some help on deciding which tele-pickup i should buy for that classic, twangy telecaster sound. I am leaning towards the SD Antiquity, but i want to hear your suggestions.
Out of those, Nocaster.

Here in Europe there's hardly any point in buying Fender or Duncan pickups, since handwounds cost about the same. Look into Bareknuckle.
im putting seymour duncans into my telecaster (when we finished making it!) and i've heard them they are definatly a good choice
I'm going with a SD antiquity, i'm getting it really cheap so it isn't a big deal if it isn't that great.
i was going to echo hankey, but if you're getting the antiquity cheap, you might as well. i think they're handwound too (i think). Haven't tried them, though, they're meant to be good though.
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Antiquities have a great rep, right up with the good small-company handwounds.

Can't say I've tried them, though.