My first post here (even though i've been joined awhile :P). And i've decided to post one of my creations for you to check out.
The song is an 8 minute long instrumental (But don't worry, it has loads of different sections, so you won't get bored of it easily :P)...
Was a hell of a lotta fun to write, and fun to (try and) play XD

Comments on it?

#1. I hope you aren't a drummer because the drums were awful.
#2. The accordion just didn't suit the song. I appreciate you are trying to do something different.
#3. It was quite boring. Sorry.
#4. It had no structure at all and there was no solid key to it. The notes were way too jumbled they seemed random and messy.
#5. Some of the riffs were really sweet. E.g. bars 69-80.
#6. Some of the guitar work was good.

Overall I'd probably give it about a 6/10

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I disagree... a lot. I loved it. Drums were great, creative. The accordion parts were cool as well. The organ part came in and it was a nice change, but it didn't fit the song as well as anything else. My favorite part was the piano part, the arpeggios were cool. The evil section is a nice little change up too. Really nice use of time signature. Epic part was my favorite, and the part after that. The ending was too random though, sorry lol.

9/10 Awesome song.
I'd give you an 8! There was no guitarsolo, and some riffs were just too short.

But I didn't find anything wrong with the drumms and the accordion was pretty cool. This kinda made my day!

+ the accordion parts sounded instru"mental"
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I really like this song, all the different instruments are great and the accordion goes great with it. You did alot of the heavy parts real well. The main parts I didn't like were 73-76, the organ part, and the epic part got a little boring near the end. But everything else was pretty much flawless and you did a really good job. I'm sleepy as hell and it managed to hold my attention.

8.5/10 Really good man

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