How do i clean an electric/acoustic guitar the right way with out screwing anything up?
I play guitar.
Buy guitar cleaner.

But I usually take a damp (Not wet) towel and a dry one and just go over the strings and body every day. Then I take like some paper towels and stick a peice under the strings to get all the gross gunk near the pickups.
buy guitar polish cos furniture polish will ruin the finish on some guitars.get a bottle of decent string cleaner personally i use keyser and if its a rosewood fingerboard use lemon oil to help get rid of the gunk but DONT use it on a maple fingerboard cos it will destroy it

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i heard that u can use "pledge" the stuff u use to dust with on the fret board...., and i don't wanna go and buy a set, if i can use around the house items.
I play guitar.