Hey I just started playing guitar but I feel really discouraged playing it.
I don't expect to be good right away but learning simple things has been decently easy for me except for one thing...chords.

I can play them of course but I just can't through them fast enough for it to flow well. Even with my book that shows me the open chords and such, I can play them I just can't switch between them without pausing for a few seconds to maneuver my fingers It just seems like I am never getting better at this, any tips to help me out?
Practice more. It takes everyone a while
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Everyone is that way at first man, me, you, Brian Carroll, all of them man. You'll get it, just keep trying, and remember it is all for fun, no competition.

Nobody can switch between chords straight away. The easiest switch I found was between C and Am, and I got really annoyed that I couldn't switch between G and anything else. I look back on those days now and just laugh! Just keep at it and believe me, you will progress.
Yeah, keep going with it. I used to not even play chords cause of that. Just practice.
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try not to get discouraged.

it took me a real, real, real long time to be able to switch between chords quickly.

make sure you are playing them cleanly and the speed will come with practice.

don't worry about it. it will come with practice. took me about 2 months before i could consider my chord changes smooth