My price range is around $200, a little more or less
I'm looking for something that takes digital photos and videos (NOT IN .MOV FORMAT!!! if possible)
I want great quality
Tripod-extensions available
SD card memory
rechargeable battery
Optical zoom (not just digital zoom, which sucks)
Takes photos fast (no 5 second wait to take one photo that ends up blurry)
i have a samsung s730 and a 2 gig SD card which i got for all around $170 at circuit city.... the camera suits my needs fine, its 7.2 MP, but the shutter speed isn't amazing... it takes good pics and its an all around decent camera... i'd give it a B-, but for the money, it has good features

i think its maybe 3 times optical 5 times digital and has ASR, but i could be wrong about that
if you want great quality, you might need to up your spending. Your going to get exactly what you pay for when it comes to digital cameras.
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My friend has a $200 Casio and I think the pics and videos look great.... Really nice shutter speeds too, but it records to mov

It's called an exilim-Z77 or something, has a YouTube recording feature
I think I'm just gonna buy the same cam as my friend has
It's got everything I want (though it records to mov T_T) and I love the quality of the video/audio and how well it shoots in darker situations... My other cams I have can barely shoot in my room in the middle of the night with my room's light on
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