after looking at both these amps i can see that they have almost the same features (i know its not exact so i dont need anyone posting to correct that). in short the main differnce seems to be that the bandit is a hybrid amp and the valveking is all-tube. i can get the bandit for £200 uk ($400 us) or the valvking for £280 uk ($560 us). im quite tught for money - o have a small but steady income and its just a matter of saving for the valveking but id rather get the bandit if you think there isnt much differnce in quality because i probly wouldnt ever use the VK at highenough volumes to push the power tubes so their more or less a useless expense. so what do you think or could you even recommend any other amps for that price range - i play pretty much all styles of music but a high gain amp isnt necessary as i have a very good distortion pedak.
i would look into the fender blues jr......amazing cleans and you can just mic it for shows.......it's 480 US......since you have the distortion pedal you'll be all set


EDIT****by the way, regardless of what you choose you'll want to stick with the tube amps, there's really no comparison......night and day
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I found the valveking to be a cold sounding tube amp... still slightly warmer than Solid State amps...

after moving to a tube amp (I have a classic 30 not a valveking, but I've played through both) from a SS one, I felt very awkward at first, but after I got used to the feel (handling the amp rather than just the guitar), I wouldnt trade it for a SS amp...

I think the valveking is a decent amp -- a step up from the bandit and worth it. I never liked Peavey SS amps (as far as SS goes, I'd go randall or crate personally) despite all the hype their transtube and bandit amps get.

I say go valveking, I like a real tube preamp and poweramp section. unless your looking for like, pure clean country slide guitar or something, then go SS lol.

although, you can always seek out a Peavey Classic 30... Used you can get one for about $300-$350 (USD), takes pedals well and sounds pretty damn good (like a compromise between classic mid-gain marshalls, and a Fender tweed amp)

and trust me, at 30 watts, people will still yell at you when you crank it, but its a lot quieter than a 50 watt tube amp still...

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