I bough this baby on ebay for a $150.

There are a few scratches on the side and the nut on the right is slightly loose. These are fairly minor problems though, I just want to be on the safe side.

The pedal works absolutely perfectly, comes in original box and bubble wrap.

I am asking $130 excluding shipping.

If you want o pick it up i'm in the GTA, Canada.

I have an ebay account if anyone wants to check my history (I only have 2 feedback though, the pedal is NOT on ebay.)

I will ship promptly, usually within 24h.

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bumpy no body wants this baby?

Price dropped to $130 i'm really eating it.
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I am only interested in a Boss RC-2 and a Digitech Whammy 4 + cash

But only if it's in very good condition.