I recently bought a floyd rose licensed tremolo, and I was thinking about popping it on to my dean vendetta. The problem is that the vendetta is a fixed bridge. I'm not worried about routing out the body to accomodate it because I was considering building a new body from scratch. My real concern is that the neck isn't meant for a tremolo, so I'm not sure how I would go about mounting the locking nut set. The headstock is angled which is what I'm worried about. Has anyone else dealt with something like this or have any insight into it?
I havent had much experience, but ive heard that an angled headstock makes the job easier by not having to add that string bar/guide/retainer thing.
get a graphite nut that's nice and slick and get some locking tuners.

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so where exactly would I mount the locking nut. Would I mount it completely on the headstock right where the fretboard and headstock meet or is there something else I should do?