gonna get a new amp - a DC30 clone by Ceriatone .
im gonna order it next month probably (waiting for my paycheck :P), and it's a head only.. so i need speakers .
got an empty 2x12 cab coming up, so i'd like some advice on how to populate it..
i was thinking on some special tones, maybe a greenback & a red fang.. maybe 2 RF's, maybe 1 red fang and 1 vintage 30 ..

thoughts ?
These speakers seemed interesting to me. I think I read in one of these threads that someone put a Swamp Thang in their combo or cab. The hemp cone speaker is intriguing. I'd be curious to know if any UGer's have thoughts on or experience with these.


that 'Swamp thang' looks interesting.. but 150W rating..? isnt that too much for a 30W amp ?
maybe i'll make that thing a 1x12 combo and be done with it...