hot damn! You've got a nice guitar for sombody who's only been playing for a year, and some good skills to boot! It sounded nice and smooth. Soloing in the major scale can be kind of boring, so you might want to experiment with some new scales/modes, but other than that, it was great!
Quote by JdGuitar
Loved it.

I also noticed your playing on the 'other' leg.

Thank you so much man!
Yeah, many people play on their left leg because they used to play classical guitar.
However, this is not my case.
Soon after learning guitar i just tried the other leg, and I could reach the higher frets easier.

When you have your guitar on your right leg, your arm is scrunched against your body.

But many famous guitar players have their guitar on the right leg, so its just preference.

I'm glad you loved it!
you have good technique and tone, especially for only a year and a half of playing. Some of your bends are a little off. You follow the chord progression well.

that said you should work on playing more than just one scale while soloing. playing outside the box is essential for keeping a listener interested about what's coming next. learn your modes and when it is appropriate to use them, learning chord theory can be very useful for soloing also.

keep it up, you'll be an excellent guitarist very soon!