Unfortunately my guitarist hasn't been able to fill in the second solo, apologies for that. It has taken me around a month of collecting and altering cool riffs (not from other people's songs) to cram it into this one song. Could you also please add an out of 10 rating at the end of your comment. I'd like to know how well I did on a scale please .

Randomania (2).zip
Definitely get rid of the repeat sign in the intro. Way too boring and repetitive. Verse2/Interlude... didn't fit the song at all. Get rid of it completely, it doesn't fit and too happy for thrash metal. Solo wasn't bad, but it didn't have any feel to it. Not that I'm any better at making solos =P , but a less repetitive solo would be much better. I hope there are going to be lyrics to this too, otherwise it gets too repetitive. Cut down the outro too, way to long. I think the main thing you need to work on is repetitiveness. Unless there are lyrics, it gets too boring and long. The riffs were pretty sweet though .

alrighty, listening

the intro is too long, i'd cut the repeat off

bars 56 and 57 during the solo bother me, i'd switch bar 56 with 57

i feel that the outro is too long

i liked the verse interlude since it gave some light dynamic to the song but it's the only piece of that in there besides the solo. you should either expand on that by adding another similar interlude somewhere else/expanding on it or just cut it and go straight for the chug

overall i'd say 6/10. i'm not a fan of thrash so i may not be the proper judge. the song seemed to lack something for me. perhaps vocals would flesh out the song?
Thank you. I've changed some of the song around again but not enough to be worth posting it.
I like most of the riffs in here, and the solo is brilliant; better than what I attempt to do. My main criticism is that there are times where that thrashy feel just isn't there...

Verse 3 and the outro just drag on a little. It's like you felt like tacking on a melodic bit, which would work fine in any other song, but for this one it just doesn't right. Re-use it though.

The intro is good to listen to, but thank god you took the repeat sign off. It just got way, way too repetitive otherwise.

Apart from the parts which drag the song down, I think there's a lot of potential here.


I think the intro sound a little bit too much like Welcome Home Sanitarium by Metallica for it to be a coincidence......
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