does anyone know what kind of effects pedals other tahn delay are used in ska. im thinks of a sound like reel big fish or streetlight manifesto. it sounds to me that they often use a flanger
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hm pretty sure they don't use flanger

distortion obvs

and a good clean channel is really all i can think of

a lot of ska bands use strats cause of their tone but tomas kalnoky from S.M uses a gibson sg if i'm not mistaken
that and a es-335 or whatever it is
1982 Washburn T-bird
2007 BC Rich Warbeast
Sometimes some Wah is used, but the posts above me are right, there's no effects used it's straight into the clean channel normally
a little chorus?
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there is an old school effect that's been used sometimes with amps that have spring reverbs and it's like shaking the amp back and forth and you can hear the spring, big d's guitarist has it in a song or two
compression sustainer, eq, distortion, wah, noise gate... pretty much.

if you like dub reggae ska like big d's newer stuff then you might want crazy delay and a phaser too.