wow man 5 months!?!?!! i've been playing for like 2 years and i would pysched if i could write/play something that sounded this good lol...i really liked the multiple vocal tracks im trying to think of who ure voice reminds me of but the name escapes me right now but none the less you got a REALLY good voice..aditionally i liked the lead guitar parts as well ...my only gripe is that vocals at very begin were slightly hard to hear/hard to understand but i suppose its supposed to be building up slowly so i guess it still works...oh and i almost forgot i really enjoyed the lyrics
This is cool dude!

The beginning was really similar to Freefalling, so you might want to change up the rhythm at least if not the chord progression.

The harmonies were good but the high harmony needs to be turned down in the mix very much, the main melody always needs presence over the harmonies.

Guitar leads didn't add much to the song in my opinion and the tone wasn't very good.

But everything else was solid dude, good job man!

Crit mine please?