Who else besides me. They are the coolest ever!! Those games influenced me as a person through my childhood.
That game sucked.
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Banjo Kazooie owns my soul, but this should really be in the only gaming thread. Not reporting it, just letting you know.
Hell yeah, that game was awesome. From what I remember anyway, I can't remember much of it.
I loved that game. I used to hide it from my brother so he couldnt find it and get farther then me in the game.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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I cant wait for the third one. Its going to be brilliant. I loved Banjo when it first came out. Hopefully they dont change the formula too much for hte Xbox
I LOVED those games, that and fantasy fantasy would be the only games I'd play a few years back.
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That game sucked.

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awesome game.

i could never beat teh first one (but i was really young back than), but i was able to beat the 2nd pretty easily.

as far as N64 games go, those were probably some of the longest on there.

best games EVAR
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Ya those were great games
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i really hate that game. i just don't find it fun.
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i used to have both of em a long time ago, and then i sold my N64 and all, but that was like 8 years ago. i finally got another N64 and my girlfriend had Banjo and Kazooie, so i was like 0_0 omgdude i need that game! so she let me borrow it and i just now beat it after 2 weeks of playing it. and right now i have all 100 jiggy's, and 893 notes. and im pissed that BJ-K 3 is only comin out on the Xbox360 =[
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Yeah, pretty good game. I rememebr it took me quite a whiel to complete back when I was a nipper. It was cool on Banjo Tooie when you could just play as Kazooie and then the dragon thingy!
i want the third one on the wii -_-
it should stay with nintendo.
but nooo... microsoft bought rare..... .

Who the **** in banjo kazooie
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I remember playing both of them when each one came out...been waiting for Threeie for years now

But i loved those games. Some of the best bosses, level designs, controls, and there was a lot of gameplay in them.
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