helo everyone this is my first post and hope to stay around for a lot longer.

now to the question.
i been trying to learn to play guitar for the last 3 weeks now, i have done plaenty of research on many different things that i didnt know before. i have memorise all my base chords ( A,D,E,Em,G,Am,C,Dm,F) and i have noticed i have become better at strumming this chords, i still have problems with the A ( i mostly keep muting the 4th string and have to adjust my finger),D,G and of course F, but overall i have improved a lil bit, i am now practicing the A mayor pentatonic scale, this is my second day with the scale so i am still pretty horrible at it, but i keep trying. my calluses in the other hand still need work on, i have the grip master with the callus builders but i know i need to grow them some more since they are still not hard enough. i usually practice 1 hour maybe hour and half a day and on weekends usually 2 to 3 hours and throughout the day a bit. i know that once i build better calluses where they dont hurt so much ill practice more.

now what do you guys can recommend me, is my slow process the normal thing? how much longer until my calluses and nice and thick? what else you guys think i should work on?

thank you.
well learn chords get them down and your scales. the calluses how ever you spell them come with time so dont even worry. it always seems slow at first you jsut gettin everything down to earth. also with the scales learn the up and down and try to alternative pick them.

then play metallica songs lol thts what i did.
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do a lot of one note string skipping and use all 4 fingers to do it. basically just get used to moving your fingers around on the fretboard and using your pinky.

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if ur determined its always good to set and hour away for guitar...thats what i do all the time...ive jus been playin for about a year and i can do some rippin solos....my advice is 30 mins learning new songs and solos and pracitising old ones....15 mins on scales and improv jus screw around with the scales throw some hammer-ons bends etc remember bending the note below the one lower or two lower if u bend it up a whole step will get u that note ...try and learn to alternate your picking too....then 15 mins on learning new stuff(chord progression, scales, arpeggios, new chords, licks etc...)....never be afraid to learn sumthin cause it sounds hard...cause its usually easier then u think...it jus takes practise and alotta weed to calm the nerves lol...keep that up and ull be shredding in no time