So has anyone else here read it? Its one of my favorites, I just reread it today. It really is an amazing book: science, suspense, and plenty of twists to keep it going. Anyone else here read it? If you havn't, go get it. Michael Crichton wrote it.

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like the movie about the space thing?, that grants wishes?
awesome movie

jurassic park and lost world were much better as books
michael chrichton books get raped when they are made into movies
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Sphere is an amazing book, my favorite from Crichton. Whoever doesn't know who he is or what the book is about, just Wiki him. You will be surprised to find out who he is and how many famous movies and books are from him.

That being said, the movie adaptation of Sphere was....horrible..sadly(In comparison to the book, which is psychological struggles, the movie tries to just be scary and isn't, taking away from the writing and depth in the book).
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I don't want to give much away but...
Basically the Navy finds a crashed or submerged object in the pacific that they think is alien. They get this psychologist, Norman Johnson, who created a sort of "guide to interaction with aliens" and made a list of professionals who he thought would be good at "making first contact" at the time the psychologist was pretty much dragged into making the report for the government. anyway so the navy gets that psychologist's list of people out to the pacific along with Norman Johnson himself. Once they get to the site, they go down under to this undersea structure which they will live in to explore the crashed alien vehicle. And thats about all i wanna give away. Its a great sci-fi thriller.

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yeah i never saw the movie, i heard it was bad, but i wanna see it anyway cause its one of my favorite books
I like almost all of his books. One of my least favorite though was The Great Train Robbery, it was kinda meh.
But Next was great. I think that is his latest novel.

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