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Just thought it might be fun to here your opinions on the most recognized opening or lead riffs to a song in your memory. I mean your hear the opening licks and instantly know the song.

I’ll open with “Secret agent Man”

Master of puppets, easily

Edit: you didn't start this thread to show of your gear, did you?
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Engl Fireball
Iron Man, Stairway to Heaven, Carry on Wayward Son

The list goes on, and on, and on!!! Oh yeah, Don't Stop Believing...well, it's not really a lick, but the opening is damn recognizable.
Why is there a picture of your guitars in this thread? Thats only kind of random =/. For the Back In Black riff.
you got guns man.... probably for hunting or maybe to scare kids and ganstaz away but still...
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i love the big pile of shotguns just sitting there by your gear

Johnny B. Goode
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Crazy Train
Welcome to the Black Parade
Master of Puppets
Beast and the Harlot
Hangar 18
Symphony of Destruction

Loads more
Hey I am just an Old Man and I just figured out how to do that picture thing.

Led Zepplin bass riff One Little Woman
Ride the Lightning
Creeping Death
Pull Me Under
Breaking the Law
The Trooper
Smells Like Teen Spirit
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i would say Layla actually
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Nothing Else Matters, Stairway, Highway to Hell, Purple Haze.
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Crazy Train
Welcome to the Black Parade
Master of Puppets
Beast and the Harlot
Hangar 18
Symphony of Destruction

Brigadier of the 7-string legion. 7>6

Fender Telecaster
Schecter Damien 7
Engl Fireball
Plug In Baby by Muse is one of the most recognisable riffs of all-time, and for me, two others are AFI's Killing Lights and Pull Me Under by Dream Theatre. And I bet ANYONE would recognise Enter Sandman
But yeah, Plug In Baby - one of THE most iconic riffs. Not bad for a guy on magic mushrooms XD

Edit: nice gear. Especially the guns. You a flamer hunter or something?

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wat beautiful instruments and fire-arms you have there.

smoke on the water
iron man
Enter Sandman - Metallica (of course)
As I Am - Dream Theater (Very Eerie beginning)
One - Metallica
Psalm of Lydia - Nevermore (Insanity)
Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
Cemetary Gates - Pantera (beautiful)
Bleed the Fifth - Divine Heresy (for face melting brutalness) :P

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im surprised no one has said anything bout the line 6 stack in the pic but that might have something to do with the massive pile of shotguns that are also in the pic
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Yeah, I seriously don't get why you posted your gear, seems kinda off topic...

Anyway yeah, any Metallica song is probably recognized by todays youth (which would inlcude me) I guess. That or like.... Raining Blood?
no back in black yet?
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Raining Blood - Slayer

Bit suprised no one has mentioned that lick yet
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Statesboro Blues, Black Dog, Call me the Breeze, any AC/DC song, etc.
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Sweet child o' mine and smoke on the water.

yep, along with stairway noone can deny that, even if you dont like the riffs

edit: highway to hell, back in black, jailbreak etc etc etc
Sweet Home Alabama in 4 notes.
Smoke on the Water in 3 power chords.

Since power chords are 2 notes, I'd say Sweet Home beats it.
A Hard Day's Night. That chord says it all.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
When I watched Lord of War (pretty good movie), and Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah started, I had already pointed at the screen, body snatcher-style and blurted out "Hallelujah!!" before the second note, so I guess that's one I can recognize.

But ask some of my close friends- I recognize songs so easily they get scared sometimes.
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