Hi everyone. I've been on this site quite a few times so I finally took the time to register. It looks like there's some good stuff on here, lots of info. I play the bass, at least I try to. I started playing back in '73 and took a 25 plus year lay off, I just lost interest and didn't have time to play while going to college. In college I played football so for a few years my hands were a little raw and about as flexible as meat hooks. Anyway, at 48 years old I got the urge again and got a bass and amp and started playing again. I've been at it for a little over a year now and really enjoy it. I've been out of touch with the equipment so try to overlook some of my stupid questions...please. I now have a Fender Standard Jazz ('92, MIM)and I just got a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz a month ago. As for the amp I use an Ampeg BA115. Well, that's about it, I just wanted to say hi.
And your first UG advice: Do NOT begin posting in the Pit unless you are completely sure you won't say anything about Marshall MG's overall quality, shred guitar, Chinese Democracy, you're favourite guitarist/bassist, or even most other ordinary things. Just trust me on that one.

Good luck + Best wishes.

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no no no do not stay out of the pit.. even at your age you will learn many new things in the pit just watch what you post in the pit
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