so i got a new Macbook(intel) and i have to start over as far as emulators and ROMS go. unfotunatly the N64 emulator i had on my emac (sixtyforce) doesnt work so all i have are the Genesis emulator, NES emulator, and SNES emulator. What are some kickass games that i should get for them??? i need some games for my cpu, oh yea and is there another n64 emulator for Mac, as far as i know sixtyforce was the only one.
games i have so far:
Chase HQ(snes)
Road Rash 3(genesis)
Metal Gear(NES)
Sunset Riders(snes)
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Yeah, definitely go with a GBA emulator. Download the games Summon Night 1 and 2. They are pretty rad.
Harvest Moon
Chrono Trigger... or is it Chrono Cross?

I don't know
Those are the ones that I played the most
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1964 is a good N64 emulator. It works quite well.
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