Seriously, it's even cheaper.

Think of it this way, what brand do you hear more offten, look at some of your favorite bands and see what they are playing...plus...Metallica used LTD's and they rocked ass back in the day. Schecter is good, dont get me wrong, but when it comes down to it, you have to think about parts and labor. More people can fix and recieve parts for an ESP then a schecter. Ok, now im talking out my ass. ANYWAYS...

If you havnt tried playing the guitars, i suggest you do, you should try any guitar before you buy unless you are comfortable with the brand, and as I can see your not comfortable. I was in your same position two days ago...I went into the guitar shop looking to buy a Schecter, the C-1 Hellraiser to be exact, and i told them i wanted to try it out and he said we dont have one in store, but i can match one up for you, i told him i wanted a metal guitar with EMG's and in-line 6 headstock, dont need a trem, he pointed to the LTD and i picked it up, amazing!!! It felt so right and i totally forgot about the schecter.

And the Quilted maple top looks so much better in person by the way, such a beautiful guitar, both of them.

Good luck with the choice, i know it's hard, like i said i was in the same position you where, i spent 4 hours at Sam Ash before i decided. lol
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They seem very similar. They're probably made in the same factory in Korea.
I think either one will suit your needs.
I used to be a necropheliac who was into sadomasochistic bestiality...

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esp withought a doubt.

i think shecter's have fatter necks too so might not suit your style.
If you are willing to go up in your price range, I would get the MH-1000, it is a better made guitar all around than the MH-600 and it is about $100 more than the Hellraiser (so probably not too far out of your price range).

I would try stuff out, too, unless you are really set on that kind of guitar you do have some other options, like Ibanez Prestiges, some of the good smaller name brands, some of the other LTD models, etc. Especially if you are used to playing with a guitar that weighs less, a Mahogany guitar might be uncomfortable.