im bored i want to mod something now, can anyone think of any cool guitar modd that i could get all the parts for a radio shack? anything would work, leds, sound modulators, mini amps, any thing, it would also help it it was under 10 bucks.

EDIT: it would also help if it was simple to do. something i could get done in one day
killswitch, you need either an spst, spdt, or dpdt switch. you can do an LED with the killswitch if you get a 2.2k resistor, led, 9v battery snap, and a DPDT switch
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ohhh. under 10 buks, that could be a problem, but also, why are you that short of money?
and what kinda guitar is it?

i dont have a job, im just going off of what i could get from my parents, i could probibly go up to 20. i just want to kill some time, im really bored.

oh and the guitar its for is my first one, a washburn fat strat copie. if its a good mod i might put it in my tele deluxe.
Back in the day when I was bored I used to practice...*sigh*

And anyways under 10 bucks is gonna be a problem. Maybe add a rotary of some sort?