I guess I'll need music, or is that an excuse
To be something I'm not; to be like everyone else
So I can hunt for flesh in the towns
Like a raven waiting for a newborns death
Just to feel alive once again?
Or like never before?
Because I'm running out of ideas of what it means
To be alive.
I'm in a box without a door with nowhere to hide
And no wish to run because of a secret deep inside
That cannot escape, so I'll take it to the death
So the worms can be as oblivious as everyone else.
Just cryptic tales embedded in songs
Will be the furthest it gets until their spirit wonders on
In the next life that doesn't exist to me,
Because I never knew a life which gave life to thee.


I doubt this will make sense to any of you but it's about something I needed to say for my own sake, even if you can't understand it.


EDIT: Sorry about the title before, I wasn't aware of the rules and should have read the rules before. My bad.
This was wonderful i digged this very much. I love the excellent use of rhyme and there was nothing here that was obviously cliche, and i mean this in the best of ways. But i think it would've been just a tish better if you didn't capitalise every starting letter of a sentence; it made it feel... you know less real.

But anyway nice job; i'm a fan.

PS: Can you have a read at 'Alex' for me, a comment will suffice
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the second line is waaaaaaaayy too teenage angsty.

Will be the furthest it gets until their spirit wonders on

did you mean wanders here?

other than the second line, i liked this. don't really have much else to say.

when birds flap their wings do the make believe they're really arms?