Hey guys, I've been playing for about 11 months, close on a year. And untill now, i've really loved every minute of my guitar playing. But lately, i've sort of lost my connection to my guitar, and I don't know why.

I mean I really do love to play, and I love the style of John Frusciante, and Slash, which are very different, but yet extraordinary.

I just wanted to know, if anyone else has experience as sort of absence of joy for their guitar.

Thanks guys.
try a more advanced style of playing.. try some fast metal riffs
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I've never experienced that, but I'd suggest trying to learn something like Freebird (by ear, not from a tab, and improvise over anything you don't figure out), or improvising something over a long, but simple, chord progression.

That way you can play however you want, and be expressive, which I think would help get some of the passion back.
Ok thanks alot guys, I might try and go for a theory side, learning some scales, and just improvising over them
I can also advertise the joy of having a little time off. I've been studying music for 6 years now and when i graduate (in about 10 weeks) i'm putting all my guitars away for a week or so. If you don't want to play don't force yourself, life is too short. If you truly love music it'll draw you back after a bit and you'll fall in love with it again.