Selling a barely used VOX Tonelab LE. I've had it for about half a year, and since I barely use it, I'm going to sell it. It's in mint condition and works perfectly, with no parts broken. It's missing the box and the manual but it's very easy to use, so I've never had to look at it. Nothing has been programmed into the unit, it'll be as if you've just bought one from the store @ 400+tax!

It features great effects, amp models, including a VOX quality wah-wah. It also has a built in tuner. It's got the sweet, vintage VOX sound, and it's very flexible. It can covers anything from blues to thrash metal! Very nice unit, and also sleek looking.

A copy of the instruction manual can be found on the VOX website, should you ever need it.

Pics will be available upon request. Serious inquiries only.

$330. The price is very fair, considering that it's 400+tax @ Steve's Music Store, which comes out to 456. You're saving 126 dollars on the same model of near-equal conditions.