I think i might buy some of it, but i wonder if 2 feet of 3-1/2 inch wide tape is enough to line the pickup cavities and across the back of the pickguard where the pickups are.
Do I need to buy 2?
If you know could you help?

i doubt i used 2feet worth of mine (same width) for mine...

but yea just to be safe that might be smart.
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im in the middle of shielding as well, to not start a new thread, can't you also just use like 3-5 layers of regular store bought aluminum/tin foil as well? i understand copper tape is the best for it, but im trying to avoid ordering copper tape off of guitarelectronics.com again.

that's one placxe you can get it. but they dont send you a whole lot.
^You can, but that other foil has to have overlapping edges. Like, make sure that a strip of foil 's edge is folded over and securely touching the other piece. And solder it together if you can. I don't think it's possible with aluminum foil.

I don't know about the foil from guitarelectronics.com, but I know that the tape off stewmac.com has conductive backing, so you don't have to worry about any of that. Just make sure the pieces touch their backs to the other one's front, and you're good to go.
okay, thanks man, im going to try the aluminum foil fold-over type of deal. i assume shiny side needs to touch shiny. i forget if aluminum foil is one side shiny, one side dull type of deal XD but if it is, i'll solder the pieces that overlap, and just use like super glue to secure the middle of it, so i wont have a crapload of aluminum foil falling everywhere. i hope this'll work. it's cheap i know, but its just on an old ibanez RX20.

also: humbucker cavities can be shielded too right, as long as of course, the shielding is grounded (duh) , but someone once told me that this creates more noise. but i figure if the foil is touching the baseplate of the humbucker it should't buzz it should go right to ground right?