So I just recently switched string guages from 9-42's to 11-49's and tuned my guitar from standard to C standard. I noticed that every time I play a fretted note it is always sharp a little bit even though when I play an open note it is perfectly in tune. All the way up the neck on every string I am sharp by approx. 1/10 of a whole note. Obviously it's not seriously out of tune, but its enough that I can tell I'm off pitch when playing with a song. Could this have happened because I switched string guages and tunings? Or did I have this problem for a while and I just failed to notice it? All help is greatly appreciated because it's driving me nuts!!!!!
do you have jumbo frets? since your in c your strings are looser so your pressing your fingers harder against the fretboard causing it to go out of tune
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I have an Ibanez RGR521... with a string through fixed bridge.

My first guess was that I was pressing too hard on the strings but thats not it. I'll try adjusting the saddles next.